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 Juliana M. Lockman, Nationally Certified Teacher of Music
Private Piano Instructor for ages 5-adult in Elkhart, Indiana 46516
Contact me at
juliana.lockman@gmail.com or phone for a free interview/lesson at 574-522-5461

Over the years, I have found that adult piano students bring a wealth of personal and professional experience to their lessons. Unlike children, adult piano students often have well defined musical goals, desires, interests and preferences.  The Lockman  Piano Studio offers a unique learning approach for adult piano students. My goal is to teach adults in such a way that empowers them to enjoy playing the songs they want to play for their entire lives. When adult students grasp the theory along with the song playing experience, they have MUSIC for life. Call 574-522-5461 for a free interview.

Working Adult Piano Students--You're busy. You're very busy: work, kids, house ... But still there's something missing, something that will satisfy to you as an individual. Learning to play a musical instrument is a rich, rewarding experience that will last a lifetime. Call 574-522-5461 for a free interview.

Retired Adult Piano Students--Now is your time. You've worked hard all your life and now it's time to truly fulfill your life goals and enrich your life. At the Lockman Piano Studio, with over 35 teaching experience, I can help retired adults achieve their life goal of learning to play the piano.  It's true that to really play the piano well takes time and practice. At the same time you'll have fun learning to play the songs you really want to play. My approach to learning the piano for adult students concentrates on giving students the musical background necessary to truly learn and enjoy their piano experience.  Research has shown that learning to play the piano has definite mental acuity and can delay the onset of dementia.  It is also fun! Call 574-522-5461 more information and you'll be on your way to learning to play the music you love.

Returning Adult Piano Students--Many have played the piano, or another musical instrument, as a child. These students were motivated to take piano lessons as a child by many different factors, but usually the main factor was parental involvement.  As an adult piano student you have the opportunity to develop a one-on-one relationship with your piano teacher. Your musical goals and aspirations are no longer defined by your parents.
Call 574-522-5461 for a free interview.

In addition, you bring experience and maturity to all of your educational endeavors that will help you in understanding what is involved in learning to play the piano well.   I've found that most adult piano students want to understand how music works and even those with a background of many years of traditional piano lessons often do not have this knowledge. Call 574-522-5461 for more information. Return to the piano and really learn to play the music you love.

Adult Beginners--Beginning any new educational and potentially life changing experience is exciting for any adult student. You're full of anticipation and have many expectations about what lies ahead. In my experience teaching adults at the Lockman Piano Studio, I’ve found that adult piano students, especially if they are new to the piano, will sometimes look at the musical material as something that should be easy for them to master. "After all, if the kids can do it..." I am non-critical, motivational, patient and knowledgeable – these are the elements that define my teaching style.  After a few weeks of practice, many adults find that, while they have advanced in their music, it may not be as easy as they originally thought to make this progress. Some adults find it a challenge to accept this.  Because of this, I give this important advice to adult beginners (which I don't give to children or their parents): "The biggest challenge for the adult beginner is to make it through the first 6 months of lessons. Remaining patient and practicing consistently will yield great results and open up musical possibilities."

Ready to fulfill your musical dreams? Call 574-522-5461 for more information.

Whether you are a returning student or an adult who is new to the piano, a working adult or retired, this is the time to make your musical dreams come true.

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