Lockman Piano Studio
Juliana M. Lockman, Nationally Certified Teacher of Music
Private Piano Instructor for ages 5-adult in Elkhart, Indiana
Contact me at
juliana.lockman@gmail.com or phone for a free interview/lesson at 574-522-5461
  • 2014-2015 Indiana Music Teachers Association "Teacher of the Year"
  • BM in Piano Performance - Indiana University  
  • Nationally Certified by Music Teachers National Association 
  • Over 40 years of teaching
  • Attends National,State and Local Conferences
  • Attends National Pedagogy Conferences
  • Attends Goshen College Workshops
  • Adjudicator for ISSMA, AIM and Guild
  • Coached student chamber groups
  •  Dr. J. B. Floyd-Northern Illinois University;
  •  Sidney Foster and Jorge Bolet-Indiana University
  •  John Owings-IUSB
  •  Marvin Blickenstaff-Goshen College;
  •  Masterclasses with Menahim Pressler-IU
  •  South Bend Area Music Teacher of the Month-February 2017
  •  Indiana Music Teachers Association-Teacher of the Year 2014-15
  •  South Bend Area Music Teachers-Member of the Year Award 2000
  •   Indiana Music Teachers Association Service Award-2005


  • So after 11 years of not really playing, …I just want to give you a really long overdue thank you all you did over those years to help me develop this gift. Being able to play piano truly does feel like a gift now...it's great stress relief for me now...I'm much happier person after I've sat down at piano, especially after a long day at work... remind me a lot of the lessons I had with you for all those years.. :-)  - Elise (former student)    
  • I started studying with Juliana while preparing for a performance to complete my national teaching certification. She has been such a positive influence on my playing and teaching that I keep coming. Juliana has been such an influence to me and my studio. From helping me prepare for my performance to complete a national teaching certification, to gaining new insight on technique and theory that helps me with even my youngest students. She is a wealth of information and has a huge heart for her students. Cindy Hawkins
  •   I trace the beginning of my technique and love for classical music directly back to Juliana Lockman.  She gave me the building blocks that I needed to succeed in piano playing – artistic expression, solid technique, knowledge of music theory and history, and a good grasp of ensemble playing.  It is in fact the training she gave me in chamber music and accompaniment that sparked my interest in collaborative piano.  I will always look back on my lessons with her as the beginning of my pianistic career. Chris Wheeler
  • I had been studying piano with Juliana Lockman, NCTM, for a while so I talked with her about the possibility of pursuing certification at the level at which I was playing.  I am so glad I took Juliana’s counsel and pursed completing my certification.  Karin Hartman, NCTM

  •  I have been an adult piano student of Juliana's  for over 10 years.  If you have ever considered returning to piano as an adult or even beginning piano lessons as an adult, I can heartedly recommend her as a teacher.  She individualizes her instruction to each student considering their background, ability and general interest.  For an adult, playing piano is a great use of leisure time (as an alternative to television and internet).  Besides providing relaxation it can develop your self confidence and help to maintain good mental function.  Juliana has many years of experience as a teacher.  As an excellent technician she is able to determine the cause of difficulties in playing and provide workable solutions.  She explains ways to practice a piece and what the composer is doing musically.  She is able to answer questions clearly and concisely.  She demonstrates good playing techniques so the student can hear the musical effects.  She goes beyond merely playing the right notes to explaining and demonstrating musical interpretation.

     One feature of her instruction that I have greatly appreciated and benefited from is her ability to individualize fingerings to make the execution of passages easier.  I have small hands and her fingering suggestions have been a great help to me.  She seeks to prevent and reduce strain in playing by  identifying faulty playing habits and offering suggestions for correcting them. 

    She is always courteous and enthusiastic and makes suggestions for pieces suitable for the student's abilities and interests.  She is very willing to work with the adult student to provide pieces that they like to play.  Her demonstration approach to playing ranges from correcting problems to learning new pieces.  One method she uses to learn a new piece is to have the student play one hand while she plays the other so that the student can hear how the piece will sound without having to play both hands initially.

    I have found her to be consistent, very knowledgeable, and interested in developing the student's playing ability.  As an adult wanting to learn piano, or to return to piano after many years, or just to play for pure enjoyment, but still needing some help, I believe you would benefit and enjoy lessons with this fine teacher. Marilyn Green


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